It's Time for a Fresh Start

come and be the church in your community

A Non-denominational gathering of CHRISTIAN believers

If you are looking for perfect Christians to worship with, you won't find them here. Our meetings are often a mix of believers and those who are searching for God's direction, While we want to be all that God has planned we should and could be; all of us are still working on it. But we trust when you visit you will find a warm and caring group of Christians who are non-judgemental and honestly want the best for you.

We are a diverse group of people from different countries, young and old, varied economic backgrounds who gather together to love, support and worship God. We are a family and we invite you to come and be loved and accepted as you are.

Whether you choose to join us at Rosscarrock Church of Christ or go elsewhere to find what you are looking for, we pray that you will search out God, read the Bible, and find a church home to encourage you in the faith.

Dedicated to the Restoration of the new testament church